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Silver Fox UAV

From the original Silver Fox research and development program funded by Small Business Innovative Research grants and Science Technology Transfer programs under the Office of Naval Research and by the Naval Air Systems Command came evaluations of it by units of the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. Through spiral development grounded in battle front use and in employment for training and exercises the Silver Fox UAV has proven to be the unmanned aerial vehicle of choice by many.

The Silver Fox UAV provides lower cost, high endurance and exceptional autonomous aerial surveillance imaging, carrying miniaturized sensor payloads for day or night operations with a small operations footprint. The Silver Fox engineering team can integrate cameras and sensors for image or data collection and transmission via its integrated ground control system (iGCS). It can be launched from the portable, lightweight, closed gas piston rail system mounted atop its storage case, on board small boats, submarines and ships, armored vehicles, HUMVEEs or trucks.


From its case to flight in as little as 15 minutes, one or two operators have coordinated mission operations with two and three Silver Fox UAVs relaying information to a central control station or transmitting information via satellite. Made of durable materials and capable of air speeds of 60 knots it has flown in hot desert, steaming jungle, high altitude mountainous and maritime environments. Silver Fox UAV has proven to be a reliable autonomous platform for atmospheric sensing, radiogradiometer tunnel detection, and hyperspectral, stereoscopic and thermal imagery collection. It has flown scientific research missions with a synthetic aperture radar and gaseous analyzers equipped with electric motors or gasoline engines. The Silver Fox vehicle?s modular system component design provides easy interchangeability of wings, motor power modules, control system modules and mission payload modules.


- Gimbaled thermal imager or color camera full 360º
   in-flight or 120º view in launch mode
- Modular construction for swapping parts
- Rugged compact, multiple power source ground station
- Compatible with Falcon View Flight Planning software
- Simple operator controls and lightweight launcher
- Packs into a 60"x14"x15" case


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